Our Services

Pets age 5-7 years per every human year, hence we stress the importance of biannual physical exams and preventive care. Thorough physical exam combined with preventive diagnostic's can alleviate many medical problems.

Preventative Care Services

We give utmost importance to preventive care to keep pets healthy throughout their life and into their old age. We offer immunizations, parasite testing, heart worm, flea and tick control programs. Our services also include nutritional counseling and age appropriate wellness diagnostic testing.

Emergency Services

We are well equipped and experienced to offer Emergency Services during our business hours. We always welcome walk-ins. Our services include resuscitation, toxicity, urinary obstruction, trauma, seizures, complications arising from diabetes, heart and kidney disease.

Surgical Services

At Companion Care Pet Hospital we offer common preventive procedures - neutering and spaying to various restorative procedures. We offer orthopedic surgery and other surgeries involving foreign body removal, mass removal, bladder stones, hernia et al.

Anesthesia and Monitoring

We take pride in offering high level of comfort and safety of our anesthetic patients. We use safest anesthetic drugs available and IV fluids. Monitoring includes EKG, respiratory monitoring, and constant manual supervision. Pre and Post operative pain medications are administered to all patients to make the surgeries as painless as possible.

Dental Services

We use state-of-the-art and safe ultrasonic pet dentistry tools to clean and polish teeth to prevent high plaque build-up.

Radiology Services

Our in-house modern digital x-ray equipment provides high quality radiographs to accurately diagnose many disorders in a very short period of time.

Medical Services

Our knowledgeable staff combined with our in-house modern diagnostic equipment allow us to handle wide variety of medical conditions and to help diagnose root cause faster. We believe in treating root cause than treating symptoms.

Preventative Care Plans

Permanent Identification

We offer "Home Again" microchip identification.


Our pharmacy is well stocked with complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, supplements along with shampoos, heart worm, flea and tick control products. We also carry therapeutic diets.

Dietary Counseling

Our experienced veterinarians and staff can provide guidance regarding your pet's age appropriate nutritional needs.

Behavioral Counseling

We also provide advice on correction of common issues such as house-soiling, aggression, barking, chewing etc.

Grooming (Sanford Only)

Pet grooming is not just about hair cut but it is to serve your pets' hygienic needs. Hygiene is important not only to make life more pleasant but for your pets’ health as well. Pets need grooming to prevent illness such as skin disease and parasites. Fur trimming helps your pet to maintain the right body temperature in those hot summer months. We offer Bathing and grooming services for cats and dogs, Flea and Tick Control treatments, Treatment for itchy skin, Spot on Treatment for dog deodorizing, Pet dental cleaning, Nail grinding and pedicures and more.

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